Weird Events in Sports Weekly

Weird Events in Sports Weekly

As the fans of the site already know, I focus on the mixed marital arts sports and of course football. I enjoy the UFC and MMA sports because its the only fighting allowed in a sport besides ice hockey and that other fighting sport (boxing).

With the NHL season being canceled, new doors have been opened for me to become a fan of a new sport. Not going to far from the UFC I came across the WUFC or the female equivalent. Nothing is better than a really hot chick that could totally kick your ass. I don’t know, that might not be such a good thing. Having some experience with the subject–I mean me dating a female that wanted to become a professional fighter–it was fun getting full mounted and tapping her out. The one huge problem–the tip I would give, is to never break it off with her or let’s just say TKO (Technical Knock Out).

So why is this weird again? Well, I think two females actually skillfully fighting instead of using pepper spray or two fat chicks pulling each others hair in the lunch room is weird. I also think it’s weird that these women fighters look so rough inside the ring but damn do they look good for interviews. I now know what Taylor Swift must do every single day.

So, why did I decide to make a weird post about girls fighting. Simple: recently they added new weight classes to UFC to include more women and it might just be me but the automatic title holder is mad attractive. Her name is Ronda Rousey and I suggest you look at her in private and be a safe distance from the screen.

Editor’s note: Though ranging from borderline¬†misogynistic¬†to outright misogynistic, we at LYGO DC respect a comics’ right to try to be funny. ¬†This post reflects the views of RJ Jones and not LYGO DC; however, whether or not you find this particular post entertaining or offensive, LYGO DC does believe the intent is to be entertaining and support RJ in that endeavor.