DC’s Top 4 Funniest Bars

DC’s Top 4 Funniest Bars

Sometimes, you need an escape from DC stodginess. Some folks do the sports bar thing, some go to places so loud the music drowns out PC convo, some avoid the public eye and just chill with friends.

This is a list of where to go to¬†ogle others’ insanity, get a laugh without a show and¬†where everybody can know you’re strange…

Coming in at 24 of 25 “Douchiest Bars” in DC, Shenanigan’s upstairs has an insanity that’s fueled by a staff¬†reveling¬†in doing as they please.This is not home to an Open Mic comedy show, but a microphone is on location and can possibly be used for telling a few drunken jokes in hopes of earning a free round (or, getting charged extra and made fun of because your jokes suck).

There are well-placed doors to nowhere that are permanently locked and thus excellent decoys for extremely intoxicated people to stand in front of and try to open. You can count along with your friends until they realize their mistake. Side bets!

There’s a TV connected to a computer behind the bar. It may or may not¬†occasionally¬†show pornographic pictures on request.

That description comes from a single night. This place has some seriously fucked-up, funny people.

Known primarily as “a true hiphop bar located at 1920 9th Street NW,” it has also hosted some comedy shows. ¬†Currently, the “karoaoke night for complainers” called “You Know What Grinds My Gears”¬†has been coming through monthly.

But catch 1920 it in the off-hours, like Sunday brunch and you’ll find plenty of reasons to cock an eyebrow.

The husband-wife founders are a post-racial odd-couple whose back-and-forths are worth the price of admission on their own. Even more, the regulars that come through always have a new story of debauchery, madness, or out-right dumb-assery.

Well-known as hosts to the best open comedy mic in DC and a fantastic Thursday evening hang-out, this post isn’t about the open mic. ¬†No, but thanks to its existence you can often find comics just hanging out outside the back-room where the stage is. And, if you head on down, especially during off-hours, you’ll find that the staff are a hilarious crew that have picked up a thing or two from the comics that come through each week. Maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, if you’re familiar with the dirty dozens, aka “busting balls,” then listen in as almost anyone can become the victim of a hilarious thrashing.

The Bistro is a superb French restaurant located square in the middle of what seems like an endless array of open mics and venues. It’s a couple doors down from Tabaq, Touchdown, and Pure, which each hold open mics as well as Codmother that hosts a weekly Wednesday night professional comedy show. Down a couple blocks is the famous Bohemian Caverns as well as countless other musical and spoken-word performing arts venues such as Busboys and Poets.

Amidst the ongoing gentrification of U Street, this is square in the middle of the action to saddle-up and listen to an absurd, hilarious, or artistic discussion as you imbibe and debate another order of escargot. This is the artist’s enclave you read about all the famous names coming through 10 years later and it’s happening now.


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