This Week In Tweets

This Week In Tweets

Some of our favorite Tweets from the past week by LYGO Alum:

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions and it’s like, WTF Satan, these things are impassable, HIRE AN ACTUAL CONTRACTOR”



“”Let’s mix vinegar with Kool-Aid and tell people it’s nutritious” – Inventor of V8″



“Just made some fellow riders laugh in line for the rest stop bathroom so now I’m pretty sure I am the leader of this bus.”



¬†“Mittens are ball-gags for the deaf.”



“You get bonus points in life every time you add a legitimate word to the MS Word dictionary.”



“It’s cold as hell outside. My jacket asked for gloves..”



“before a big storm hits, i kick my grandparents out of the house. you’re not supposed to keep perishables around”