Tyler Richardson

Tyler Richardson

Tyler Richardson

Tyler Richardson started out in the open mics of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. After testing out what’s funny, and just plain awkward, he has been able to entertain crowds at opposite ends of the spectrum and in between.

Quickly the DC/MD/VA area gre to know a budding  comic with an original and imaginative voice.

Tyler enjoys using the medium of stand-up to introduce himself to audiences that have yet to see how a superhero high fives… or a comic that is convinced he’s a superhero.

Tyler is a welcome guest on terrestrial and XM radio and ¬†produces monthly showcase at the State Theater in Falls Church. ¬†He’s opened for headlining acts such as Kyle Grooms (Chapelle’s Show), Vince Morris (Comedy Central) and Gary Gulman (Tourgasm, Last Comic Standing) and participated in FunnyFest (’08, ’10) in Calgary, Canada.

Check Tyler out on his Twitter feed and don’t miss an opportunity to see him before he gets money… cause money changes people.