Flacco is Wacko

Flacco is Wacko


Watching football last weekend was awesome for me because Ravens fans witnessed the harsh reality that their precious Ravens are extremely overrated. I mean, 31-3 in the fourth quarter. The broncos could have just knelt the football the rest of the game, let the local middle school finish the game, let Brett Farve back for one game, or just have left and flown back to Denver.

With two games left in the season, the Ravens have clinched a playoff spot but it would be HAHA hilarious if they get a wildcard spot. I don’t even know why Ravens fans say how awesome the Ravens are considering that every game they have played has been extremely close. The teams that the Ravens blew out were the Bengals, Raiders, and Browns (O! WOW who could have not seen that coming). ¬†Every other game except for when the Texans tore them a new one, which was funny.

You know what really drives me absolute crazy? ¬†Think about all the times you have watched the Ravens and seen Flacco pass short to Rice. Looking up the stats, I came across the fact that Rice has just as many if not more receptions than the wide receivers. Is that not one of the funniest things ever; I mean let’s let the person that is paid to run the ball be our number 1 guy that catches the ball instead of the people that get paid to catch the ball. It must be the economy’s fault if a football team can’t afford to hire a wide receiver and the running back needs to work a double shift every Sunday. Thanks, Obama.