Alexx Starr

Alexx Starr

Alexx first appeared on the LYGO stage on August 25 and, later that year, hosted hosted his first show October 28, 2012.

Alexx is a new cat to the comedy game who got off to a fast start. His debut and follow-up performances on the Laugh Your Grits Off stage were last minute fill-ins but he performed like a seasoned veteran. In fact, he created some of the most memorable moments of the day at Bohemian Caverns with Tony Woods, deploying sharp ad-libs and energy to spare.

Growing up in a stand-up setting helps his presence forged in his youth where he spent many years growing up in the Jokes on Us Comedy Club.

He’s played host for the Laugh Your Grits Off brunch show at Rumba Cafe on October 28, 2012, has performed in NYC’s Greenwich Village Comedy Club on multiple¬†occasions¬† and fancies inspirational Twitter posts.

He opened for Luenell at the Baltimore Comedy Factory, won the¬†Big Daddy’s Comedy Idol, 347 Comedy Comedy, Nectar Lounge, AND Bamma Phi Bamma comedy competitions, as well as a second place overall finish after many victorious preliminary and semi-final rounds of the So You Think You Are Funny Maryland comedy competition.

Alexx co-hosts Just Jokes Radio every Sunday from 9-11 p.m. with Comedien Niki Moore on Listen Vision Radio.

Alexx’s¬†repertoire include several impressions, including President Obama and multiple Denzel Washingtons and enjoys pranks, so watch out if you get a strange phone call from either one.