Weird Events in Sports Weekly

Weird Events in Sports Weekly

Week 2 — Deeper Thoughts

  • Remember that fight that was covered in the weird events? Yeah? If not, just quickly: It was about an MMA fighter that flicked the bird at a fight on national television. Now it has come out that Henderson was fighting with a toothpick in his mouth. He actually said that he fights, trains, and spars with the toothpick in his mouth. He said that is was just bad habit. Bad habit? WTF dude, you get paid to get hit and kicked in the face. I mean I think there is a warning label on the bag that says keep out of reach of small children. There has yet to be a death due to MMA but I can feel the thought of taking a knockout kick to the face and having a toothpick jammed through my neck.
  • You know what is also weird? This is an old debate but it retained some emotion around the boxing and ultimate fighting circuit: The open debate that MMA or UFC fighters could not perform well in the boxing circuit and a boxer could not perform well in the UFC. I find this weird because many UFC fighters started as boxers or boxing is their strength. I believe that a UFC fighter would have a much easier time conforming their skill to the boxing ring than a boxer conforming his skill to an octagon.¬†Any way, check out below and see Joe Rogan debate about it with some guy nobody knows but is apparently a spokesperson for boxing.

Intense. I say stop calling MMA cock fighting. Cock fighting is disgusting and gay and the African American race would have the advantage in a COCK FIGHT.