It’s winter time getting ready for those 2014 Winter Olympics

It’s winter time getting ready for those 2014 Winter Olympics

The winter time really gets me in the mood to start cheering for those winter Olympics. I mean let’s look back on the Summer Olympics in preparation:

The two best stars from the Olympics are of course the Olympic runner Usain Bolt and gabby Douglas, duh. Wait, where are they now? I have no clue and I don’t think anybody really cares. I mean yes, they did have their about-a-month-worth of fame with all the television appearances and magazine covers, but only for that month. I love how people become fans of such athletes because this is practically the best definition of a fair weather fan.

Remember how hot that avatar-looking goalie, Hope Solo, was for the women’s world cup soccer?¬†NOPE. I didn’t think so because know one gives two shits about soccer or female sports unless it’s a World Cup or Olympics.

That last remark may be taken as a little harsh from soccer lovers or females but I am sorry that soccer is so easily available on ESPN and prime time sports broadcast.

O yeah, I am also sorry that I honestly can’t name a single WNBA player or whatever other sports girls play. All my favorite female athletes are professional skateboarders, tennis players, and LFL players (Lingerie Football League). Why? because female athletes are a long shot from at least semi-performing at a level close to a guy, so at least among the sports listed they are hot.

I love how that post had nothing to do with the Winter Olympics. Anyway, come 2014 please don’t pretend like you’re a huge fan of some bobsledder or some awesome curler because¬†NO ONE CARES¬†unless its like Shaun White since you can see him more than once every four years at the X games and Dew Tour.