TWIT (This Week In Tweets)

TWIT (This Week In Tweets)

Here’s a batch of some of our favorite Tweets this week by the LYGO Alum performers:

“Can’t listen to ‘Happy Birthday’ at this time of year without expecting the last note to lead straight into Mariah’s ‘All I Want For Xmas'”



“It’s weird how reckless driving is bad but wreckless driving is good.”



“I got my mind on burrito and burrito on mind”



“IKEA: LEGOs for sad adults.”



“It’s not that I don’t think that the real ones are good, but sometimes I wish firefighters were people who actually fought others w/ fire.”



“Sex tips: Try not to mention slavery. #cookiecast @owusukid @chasejeter’s #loveline #shortline #noline #online”



“Getting a DUI is tearing your ACL for comedians.”



“HILARIOUS PRANK: put a hermit crab in Ariel’s bra drawer”



“I’m so cynical that when I was 12, I stopped believing in Secret Santa.”



“Note: Anyone purchasing noisy, flashing, obnoxious electronic toys for my children will be shot on sight! Signed, mgmt.”



“Ever wore an outfit so hideous your 1st thought was “Well at least I won’t have to walk through the office a lot today”?”


¬†And lastly, we’d like to have a serious moment and pass on the word from @MrKeepOnMoving:

“Im asking you for $10, to help grant a wish to a dying mother. eff my music. She is dying #SlamCancer