Redskins Save The Day

Redskins Save The Day

Thanks Redskins for beating an extremely overrated Baltimore Ravens and forcing the much delayed firing of that terrible offensive coordinator!

The real reason I wanna thank the Redskins is because at least they are bringing a fan base to Washington. With the NHL lockout, the Redskins were all we had. Yes, DC United is an average soccer team in a terrible soccer league, but as I said in my other post, nobody cares about soccer.

This is supposed to be funny so the best joke I can say right now is: Washington Wizards.

Also, what is the WNBA Washington, or I guess the better question would be where do I find info on their team? Is the WNBA on strike as well? The WNBA is just about as popular as professional lacrosse. Wait, they have such a thing as professional lacrosse? I know right, tell me about it. Anyway, Thanks Redskins.