Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin is an O.C. from D.C. – Original Comic of LYGO – and, “so suckcessful¬†Twitter¬†didn’t even charge me for this account. I’m doing very well for myself!”

Kyle has appeared in 3 LYGO shows, not including headlining January 16, 2013 at Codmother. He wins over crowds and, as a renowned DC talent, happily accommodated us by taking the all-important but typically thankless job of Hosting. (Thanks, Kyle)

He’s performed with¬†Donnel Rawlings, Rob Cantrell, Jeff Dye, and Josh Blue, among others. He’s been doing comedy so long, he has a MySpace page.

A child of the ’80’s, he’s unconsciously haunted by the Iran conflict and carries a deep affection for Care Bears. He writes, “My Godmother was my Aunt, while my Godfather was my mom‚Äôs roommate from college….also a woman! I grew up with lesbian godparents before Ellen and porno made lesbians really cool and mainstream. It was “an offer I couldn‚Äôt refuse” as I lacked the ability to formulate words.

His comedy springs from a well of insecurity, as he often describes in vivid detail just how successful he’s become. He writes, “Like other comedians it would be really easy to write that I‚Äôm one of the “fastest rising comedians in the country” and that I‚Äôm “a comedian that the audience can feel comfortable around” with my “quirky offbeat humor” and the “clever way I look at society”, but I‚Äôm not and I don‚Äôt. […] I like to be honest and the truth is I‚Äôve only been doing stand up for a short time and despite my little experience I‚Äôm one of the fastest rising comedians in the country.

Here he is telling jokes: