Colbert for Senate & Celebrities for Office

Colbert for Senate & Celebrities for Office

The buzz around Stephen Colbert for a South Carolina Senate seat appointment is palpable and I can’t ever decide if these things are absurd or absurdly reasonable.

On the one hand, Ronald Reagan was an actor-become-President, Ahhnold the Terminator became Governor of Cali, and a third example. ¬†On the other, anyone popular for any moment in time for entertaining seemingly gets a “for President” adorned to their name. ¬†And, there’s certainly no qualifications for running for office or serving in Congress…

…Except for an oath of office. ¬†The ONLY qualification for a politician is to be honest. ¬†We are a silly bunch.

Colbert makes an exceptional exception to the popular-entertainer-gets-political dynamic. One, he’s actually run / tried to run on multiple occasions… as a ruse. ¬†His entire persona and character, in fact, is a mockery of politics, political commentary, and arguably, even in his local bits it’s about the insanity of being part and being affected by the American political landscape.

In other words, for the majority of people in this country who either don’t vote or do so despite strong feelings that it’s virtually meaningless, Senator Colbert would represent the collective voice of disdainful, mockish chiding, albeit an un-elected one. ¬†By comparison, Senator Al Franken, also a satirist, ran for office as a serious person. ¬†Yuck.

If, by some odd calamity, Senator did end up attached to the Colbert name, then I’m guessing he would focus on issues of South Carolinian importance and campaign finance reform. He would push the envelope because he wouldn’t care to be re-elected (err–elected). He would… shit, be a successful Senator. ¬†Wow, it just now occurs to me that the one person who would truly represent the voice of “American politics is insanity and doesn’t deserve to be treated seriously” is maybe the only person who would do a seriously good job as a politician. WHICH MEANS…¬†there’s indeed no chance he’ll get appointed or elected.