Our History, The BLOG

Thankfulness and the Future of LYGO DC.

As our last show for the year has come and gone and 2012 draws to a close, this reflection is a heart-felt thank you and a very brief preview of what will be new in 2013. ¬†Or, maybe the world will end and it’ll only be a thank you!

Laugh Your Grits Off was never a one-man show. From the outset, it took many helpful hands to produce hilarious shows and create a professional stepping stone for the wildly talented DMV comedic community:

  • The folks at Flava provided a place for the show to grow.
  • Family and friends helped get our artwork going and technical expertise was provided as friendly counsel.
  • And before long, the same faces were coming back time and again to pitch in and make the show better without asking anything in return.

On behalf of the LYGO DC Team and the performing comics, thank you.

We also worked with our friends producing shows across the DMV on a mutually-beneficial basis, proving that we can improve as a community cooperatively at the same time that we compete to be the best at our respective undertakings.

2012 was the year of getting started–we’ve converted some good ideas into some fantastic shows, built ourselves into a dedicated and professional team, and learned many lessons on how to be even better.

2013 is the year we streamline and make running shows a breeze… so we can do more, with more people, for more fans! ¬†Here’s a preview of some of what else is new in 2013:

  • Tighter shows with ever-improving performances.
  • More diverse shows with musical acts, improvisational and sketch comedy.
  • Bigger crowds … everyone likes that.
  • More opportunities to perform and make money.
  • More exposure through print, radio, TV, and digital media.
  • More consistent and higher quality A/V and photography for comics.

Thank you for your love and support and see you in 2013!