Weird Events in Sports Weekly

Weird Events in Sports Weekly

Some awkward and weird things happened over the weekend in sports.

  • Brady Quinn (quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs)¬† threw a ball that landed out of bounds and hitting the sideline ref in the head.

The best part is how many time have you wanted to throw a football at the Ref for doing his job and calling a football game to his real time knowledge. It is really frustrating to watch a football game where all you hear is “COME ON REF, what the ****, Home field advantage much?!” Let me just use my DVR to rewind the play 20 times, then I will tell you that you made a bad call. Anyway, Brady Quinn gave everyone an early Christmas present this year by hitting a “stupid” Ref on the head.

  • The more awkward event to took place was Nate Diaz giving the middle finger to Benson Henderson.

For people that don’t recognize these names, they are UFC fighters and your son or brother probably rocks that shirt like a boss. Anyway, I thought it was weird because I did watch the fight live because it was on FOX and it was free. You know what is weird, for all you people that say boxing is not dead um…¬†DENIAL is the first stage. Back to the main story, I thought it was weird because FOX really played it out to be more than it was. People flick that bird all the time during fights. I enjoyed some of the early reporting of the incident claiming the action to be tasteless and racist. First, what does a middle finger taste like. Second, yep let’s blame some action on race or religion and not use common sense and realize that they are in the middle of a fight. Don’t get me wrong, I would totally understand that argument if he flicked and said that word white people should not say unless you’re Tosh or Louis C.K. ¬†However, all he did was flick and flicking is mean and uncalled for but not racist.