This Week in Twitter: Twitter Christmas

This Week in Twitter: Twitter Christmas

If your eyes wander to the right side of this page, you’ll notice a Twitter feed by our Alum — that’s the folks that have performed in LYGO shows giving you jokes and jokes and jokes long after the show has ended.

Here’s some of our favorites from the past week:

“It’s not fall until it looks like Tim Burton is your exterior decorator.”



“I can admit its weird that The Girl from Ipanema brings me joy when I’m in the dumps. But, I may just go caroling with that on Wednesday.”



“Nutella should run for congress.”



“i put a chicken egg in a duck egg in a turkey egg – here’s to hoping i get a live turducken”



“Eating Styles: Holiday Popcorn Tin Edition!¬†Link to SoGoodBlog



“Air Supply and Demand #MusicalEconomics.”



“Apparently the most exciting thing in years to happen to DC football is being in 2nd place.”



“This holiday season, take a moment to reflect and acknowledge the monstrous thing that lives within us all.”



¬†“”It’s bad enough you sold property to ANY top hat, let alone one that’s spent time in prison.” – flabbergasted Monopoly financial advisor”



“They should name the royal baby Kong or Latifah. “Long live King Kong!” ‘Long live Queen Latifah!””



“”It’s Just Launch”. Dating service for astronauts.”



“Jazz pioneer Dave Brubeck died. At his funeral four friends will deliver simultaneous, unrehearsed eulogies.”



  • Roberto says:

    Shoutout to @NonProfitComic. He’s a beast.