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One Brick – Washington, DC Chapter

One Brick – Washington, DC Chapter

One Brick is a Washington, DC charity and LYGO fan (the feeling is mutual)!  Proceeds from our Nov. 11 show went to support One Bricks activities supporting local non-profit and community organizations by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment for those interested in making a concrete difference in the community. Charities can always use donations, but sometimes, at some point, folks need to get their hands dirty.  One Brick helps get the people that will get involved, have an impact on their community and have fun, all without the long-term commitment that scares some of us away.

National HQ is in San Francisco, CA. ¬†More than just a charity, One Brick has a friendly and social atmosphere to go along with the volunteering and after each volunteer event — usually only 3 to 4 hours — volunteers to gather at a local restaurant or caf√© where they can get to know one another in a relaxed social setting. ¬†We were extremely pleased for them to join us and have a laugh, on the house.

One Brick chapters are also 100% volunteer-run! So, no employees and no offices, which means they are able to give back the maximum amount.

One Brick has brought volunteers to support over 1,200 organizations and list their events for each month on their website. They work to the benefit of children, the environment, food banks, schools, inner city neighborhoods, etc. Click here to learn more about those organizations.

We like the time they helped rescue puppies and look forward to seeing One Brick at another show very soon.