That’s ignorant. You’re being ignorant.

That’s ignorant. You’re being ignorant.

I find ignorance highly entertaining. Ergo, I’m constantly entertained.

The world is not an easy place–simple, but rarely easy. ¬†Because: there are so many dolts. Any short drive in a car is all the evidence I need.

Or, as G. Carlin said (roughly), ‘Think of the intelligence level of the average person you come across every day. Half the people are dumber than that.’ ¬†Of course, this doesn’t mean you. Anyone who’s attention-span survives four sentences is in the upper 10% of intelligence at this point.

The alternative is to be frustrated, angered, other negative emotions by ignorance. So the deal is that this ignorance appreciation is meant as a device to preserve my own sanity, not encourage more ignorance. For this reason, I’ve instituted the following rules:

  • Avoid all media-based ignorance-for-ratings ploys. Fuck you “talk shows” with fighting and ‘baby mamas’, fuck you Jersey Shore, fuck you Honey Boo Boo (which I’ve never seen… it’s one of those ignorant things, right?).
  • Observe and report. ¬†I.e. Do not participate in the ignorance by pummeling that immigrant… in fact, should probably lend a helping hand when the physical violence happens. Damn-it, sense-of-decency-self!
  • Did you expect a longer list?

Also still enjoy this clip: