Watching the Redskins is Suprisingly Awesome this Year

Watching the Redskins is Suprisingly Awesome this Year

I mean, yes, they are 5-6 on the season and by the time you read this they will be 5-7 based on loosing to the Giants (edit: oops!), but I see hope. I believe that, yes, RG3 is the savior for the Washington Redskins with absolutely no correlation to how Tim Tebow was the savior of the Denver Broncos and possibly the whole league.

See, the problem is Tim Tebow is a bad quarterback that was extremely over-hyped. Yes, he was a good runner, but the last time I checked running the ball was in the job description of the running back. Tim Tebow is just another terrible quarterback that will always keep that bench warm for quarterbacks that can actually THROW.

I mean do I have to mention the great Jamarcus Russel or the amazing Vince Young, o wait no I don’t because they were just, well, non-producers. Also, Tim Tebow got a ton of his hype from being a Christian. Um…. I am a Christian–where is all my hype, how come I’m not a famous stand-up comedian? O wait, he went to college to play a game and I went to college to get an academic degree. O, it all makes sense now.

Well now that that rant is over. RG3 is awesome, give him a few seasons and we’re looking at a franchise, award-winning quarterback that will stick with the Redskins for 10-plus years because not only can RG3 run and is an intelligent field general, he can¬†THROW. So non-Redskins fans, just get off our case; seriously, we are going to be awesome and when you need to fair-weather to a winning team remember all the remarks you made about the redskins all those years.