Never Say Goodbye… without a laugh.

Never Say Goodbye… without a laugh.


On Wednesday, December 5 (tomorrow), LYGO DC has its final show of the year at Codmother – 1334 U St. NW – from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. ¬†We’re going to do some re-tooling and come back strong in 2013 but we’re taking the opportunity to invite you to see Stephen Nicks one more time before he leaves town.

Also featured this Wednesday, Kat Timpf takes the LYGO stage for the first time. ¬†Check out this recent interview by Stephen of Kat,¬†who’s been on showcases, radio shows, and podcasts and making quite the hilarious name for herself ever since coming to DC.

Pat Riley hosts and Haywood Turnipseed, Jr. headlines.  We look forward to seeing you there.


The following is a redacted post — a love letter from Stephen Nicks — from his blog (check the full version out here):

I‚Äôm sitting here unemployed, overweight, and miserable watching a man in a speedo wrestle alligators. […]

Sitting here is really making me question my motivation for doing everything. The things I love doing, I mean. I love doing standup, which is me on stage alone talking. I love podcasting, Chase and myself talking to friends of ours and broadcasting it. And now I‚Äôm blogging? […] How self-centered and narcissistic is this all? […] Why am I doing this, comedy I mean? Is it that it‚Äôs so much fun, is it that cool. Yes, yes it is. At least I‚Äôm not out there raping. At least there‚Äôs that.

This week I‚Äôll be moving back home to New Jersey after spending the last 2 years down here in the District of Columbia. I have mixed feelings about the city. It‚Äôs introduced me to Peruvian chicken and stolen a few bicycles. I gained a lot of friends and also 40 pounds. I now understand a lot more about politics, and distrust the government more than ever. I came to the area to take a job making more money than I thought I ever would, and I leave unemployed with $30 in my pocket and a bulldog that farts once every 42 seconds. […]

I‚Äôm freaked out to be moving back to New Jersey. OK, are you happy? I said it! Not as I think it‚Äôs this terrible situation, but because I have had a lot of fun in this past year. I always knew I wanted to do standup, but I honestly thought I was too much of a pussy. […] I finally forced myself to do it and I‚Äôm really glad I did. […] I don‚Äôt want to go into a long diatribe, write a love letter to DC comedy, or get too crazy thanking people because it seems final and again pretty pretentious. But I really did meet a lot of great people and got to do a lot of cool things. But nothing‚Äôs over, and I will be back.

Also, it does seem a little weird to publicly thank specific people. I know it shouldn’t, but it does to me. I’m pretty sure Petey Sugg has said this once before, but I’m not looking to come off as a disingenuous heifer. It just seems weird to me, it makes it seem like the thank you is less of a thank you and is more about, hey everyone. Look at me! I’m such a gracious and kind person, look at everyone I’m thanking. Look at all my amazing friends! The people who I really appreciate all know I appreciate them by me saying thank you in person. I think that’s how we have to do it more. Leave your thank you notes and miscarriages off the Internet.

I will say this though; this scene here in Washington is very strong. I felt very fortunate to be down here during this time to learn, and I know I will be missing a lot of fun, exciting times not being down here. I know that there are some talented people down here that individually will be doing very big things, and all of those big things will only bring more and more attention to this great community that has developed here in Washington. I will always be grateful for the time that I spent down here.

With that being said, there is one person who I absolutely will not miss. You know who you are, you are not funny and I will crush you.


Stephen Nicks