Gay Marriage.

Gay Marriage.

If you’re a homophobe, you should support openly gay lifestyles and gay marriage.

The gay community wants gay marriage. They want to be openly committed to one-another, to stop hiding their sexual preference, to practice their preference and live their lives in a distinctly not-hetero way. The alternative, and what was the norm for decades, was to practice homosexuality in the shadows. Affairs hidden behind marital fronts. Marital fronts that oft produced children. Children more likely to be genetically pre-disposed to homosexuality due to their parent’s gayness.

So you can easily surmise: gay marriage means less babies, ergo fewer homosexuals.

It’s difficult to argue, but there are those that will. They might say, “well, that doesn’t mean they won’t artificially inseminate.” True. But then, the argument is against homosexual artifical insemination (and whatever the other one is called), not gay marriage, which on its own still promotes fewer homosexuals.

They might say, “but it’s nurture, not nature.” Similarly, that is at best an argument against married-homosexual adoption, not gay marriage. In fact, since adoption doesn’t even require marriage (it helps), this argument is even worse than the last.

So it’s settled, yeah? The LGBT community wants gay marriage for their reasons and homophobes and religious folks can have it for theirs. Please. Because I’m really tired of hearing this country bicker about the subject like a married couple.