Carolyn Busa

Carolyn Busa

Carolyn Busa‘s experience in stand-up comedy was fueled by her love of the contagious laugh. After years of being the one with the snort, Carolyn thought it time she take the stage to create a new generation of snorty laughers. Her first performance at a coffee shop lit the match to an awkwardly, awesome stand-up career. Carolyn may hail from the suburbs of New Jersey but she is no stranger to the city comedy scene.

She has performed at shows and clubs all over Philadelphia as well as the 2012 Bridgetown Comedy Festival and 2011 Ladies are Funny Festival. Carolyn co-hosts Laughs on Fairmount every Monday at the Urban Saloon, voted Philly’s Best Open Mic in 2011 by¬† Carolyn continues to host shows throughout the tri-state area as well as contributing to local theatre and sketch productions.

Carolyn needs no kicking and screaming to attract attention. Her awkwardly, disarming stage presence has viewers laughing with ease from the start. From her childhood memories of being a theatre kid with no game to the present day mysteries of being a theatre lady with no game – her set will charm your figurative pants off.

LYGO DC is proud to welcome Carolyn on as a contributing blogger — She has her own blog too! — and hopes soon to have her perform on our stage!