Zombie Science

Zombie Science

¬†Zomblog Part 2 of…

If you aren’t scared, yes, zombie¬†apocalypse¬†could happen, scientifically speaking. ¬†The video below does an excellent job of explaining. ¬†Here’s the short version:

  • Viruses infect humans and can fuck us up.
  • There are neural viruses–i.e. viruses that attach nerves and brains.
  • These viruses take time to infect as they travel through the neural system to the brain.
  • A virus can infect the olfactory nerve (nose, scent), which connects to Ventromedial Hypothalamus (hunger), Amygdala (emotion, memory), and Frontal Cortex (morality, problem-solving, inhibiting impulsive action, upper thought).
  • An infection like this would create, “super hungry, aggressive, brain-dead beings that can’t recognize family and friends or control their own actions other than to feed.”

Grab your shotgun, zombies is comin’.