Get Into It, Get Involved, Part III

(Re-posted from its original post here: Entertainment Agent Blog)

The flurry of activity and building a show is exciting, rewarding, and, with plenty more in the pipeline, means a whole host of opportunities across the entertainment spectrum. ¬†You may be thinking, ‘sure, opportunities to perform stand-up,’ but it’s much broader than that. ¬†On one level or another, LYGO has opportunities churning associated with:

  • Television stations, advertisers, and shows, including a national award-winning program;
  • Dozens of terrestrial and internet radio shows and podcasters from DC to NY to Boston to L.A. and San Francisco;
  • Technical talent in sound production, engineering, editing, and videography,¬†etc.
  • Support talent in script-writing, acting, and graphics, etc.

There’s a multitude of opportunities and only a shortage of time to take advantage of them. ¬†The LYGO DC team grows, and the opportunities grow faster. ¬†And that’s the nut of it. ¬†Because when you’re on the outside looking in, thinking about being an agent or an entertainer or whatever level involvement someone will have you for, then a decade can pass without much to show for it.

But when we produce something for others, when we pitch in and contribute and become an agent for activity, then a whole slew of opportunities open up. ¬†The lesson I learned personally was that although there may be established and limited channels to become an entertainment agent in the strict sense, there’s never a shortage in the broad sense: To become an agent of entertainment activity.

And, who knows, this may yet lead to a role as the more formally-defined Entertainment Agent. Regardless, the world of entertainment and those that enjoy it gets better and being a part of that is a whole lot of fun.

I feel as if I just penned the ending to an episode of Doogie Howser, MD.