Note to self.

I keep notes in my phone. Sometimes I drink. Sometimes I do both. These are the results (so far):

  • “Fration xx during penetration. (gyration) Midget pussy.”
  • “Get on here e with me before I tit. Last chance to b precious.”
  • “Ppl say, oh but Atkins died from his dirt… Sure, but my uncle died from gunpoint does tvnea. Guns should should. E legal. Not for mist, Mia def from me.”
  • “Little dog legs friend dog. Step on. Must fix. Wheel chair walking. Must one week not one week. PT. bathtub tiny dog leg massages. 5 am. Must… Cover… Up… Not… Dog killer. Owner returned. Wow, I can’t believe it. That dog has cancer and boulder died by now.”

And sometimes instead of texting something to someone, I cut-and-paste it into my notes for review in the morning. Here’s a couple of those that I don’t know who they were meant for:

  • “Wow. When that conversation started I didn’t think that we’d get where we did. Lots of love and respect. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Okay, enough being nice by me. Fuck you and all that.”
  • “Men are pigs? Ok. Why are we to blame? When born, our pee hole and pleasure hole are the same thing! And right next door is a sewage system. Hehehe–meahmeah–hehe–blahmeah…”