Haywood Turnipseed, Jr.

Haywood Turnipseed, Jr.

Haywood Turnipseed, Jr.

Known among the DC comedy community for his laugh and a catchphrase or two, Haywood describes himself as, “comedian; jedi knight; sith lord; force naturalist; avatar; husband; dad; son; sun; brother; reader; thinker; dreamer.”

Here he is in a one-on-one interview riffing on the D.C. scene, President Obama, and assorted other topics.

Hailing from Gary, IN, Haywood’s been in DC 15 years. He’s a part of the District Comedy group and regularly hosts their¬†Tuesday night Laugh ‘Til Your Blue at the Blue Banana in Petworth, DC. ¬†He also appears in District Comedy Showcases as well as featuring in Uncle Dave’s Comedy shows at Sonoma’s and the Red House Tavern.

So, about that laugh… if you’re curious, listen to just about any DC comedian’s set at the Improv, Drafthouse, or anywhere really and you’ll hear Haywood’s booming laughter.

Haywood is married with two kids and lives in Washington, D.C.