Why I Love Zombies.

¬†Zomblog Part 1 of…

Before we do me, here’s some ideas behind zombie movies that I think are interesting:

  • We are brain-dead victims of our own self-actualized apathetic state. AKA: We are the zombies. (Shaun of the Dead)
  • We’re all starving shuffling monsters consuming material goods that never satisfy us. (Dawn of the Dead)
  • Loneliness is death and love is the cure. (not out as of this posting, Warm Bodies Trailer)
  • Other ones.

Personally, I love the tension between two ideas:

  • The first is being lonely and threatened in a world where everyone else is a mindless moron. You can beat any of them¬†one-on-one… and can usually handle a few stupid together. But pretty soon, you’re overwhelmed. And it’s not that¬†they got together to outwit you; it’s just that enough stupid in one place and stupid takes over.
  • The second is being desperately-connected with a select few. You never know and you may be double-crossed, but there’s a few folks out there¬†in the wasteland that aren’t “turned” and you can really bond with them. ¬†You have to really, not just to not be lonely but, to survive. ¬†Strength in numbers. Of course, your bond is constantly dealing with¬†morons, but … it’s something. It’s not loneliness, but it doesn’t eliminate despair.

Yes, this means I see the world around me as a bunch of stupid. Be honest though, so do you. If you deny it then commute¬†anywhere, anytime there’s traffic. If you think that’s intelligent, then we’re putting a bullet in your head. As Carlin said, “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

But I love the ignorance. I find it entertaining and log instances to recount later. Being entertained by¬†ignorance means I’ll never fail to be entertained by the world around me. Join me.

But, the loneliness can be a bit much. So yeah, I’m looking for survivors. And so are you — your friends and family¬†you bother to spend time with. That world around you is your shelter from the ¬†storm even when there’s infighting and¬†you are unsure whether you can hold back stupid much longer. Say, for example your Uncle Frank has been bitten bu stupid but his¬†brother, your Dad, doesn’t have the balls to put him down. Maybe you’ll have to step up. Maybe you’ll have to save the¬†family. Don’t hold back…

…stop the disease…

…it’s important…

…kill Frank… kill Frank… KILL FRANK! It’s the only way.