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Natalie McGill

Natalie McGill

With a 5’3″ stature and a weight that precludes her from participating in most blood drives, Natalie McGill has been unofficially named D.C.’s “Favorite Comic to Pick Up And Swing Around.”

Hailing from the mostly-Jewish suburbs of Baltimore, Natalie maintains a reputation of ruining really good games of “Never Have I Ever” with the fact she’s never been invited to a bar or bat mitzvah.

She performed at both the Aug. 25 and Oct. 14 Laugh Your Grits Off shows and all over the DMV including the Little Spoons Comedy Showcase, the 8×8 presented by You, Me, Them, Everybody, Story League, and RFD. Natalie, also known as LittleNightOwl also runs the blog and regularly tweets adventures of riding the #70 Metrobus on her Twitter feed.

When she’s not telling jokes or blogging she’s busy covering everything she eats in Sriracha chili sauce and contemplating anxiety prescription meds to keep watching Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area sports.