LYGO DC, LLC is a family unique in the entertainment world. We comics, performers, professionals, and more are integral to comedy in the District of Columbia. Our activities and pool of talent are diverse and uniquely bonded:

Agency. The LYGO family has many members supporting one another in ways both personal and professional. This includes agency representation and career development assistance.

Outreach. The LYGO family works together to engage and assist our home and neighbors in the District with charity fundraisers; performances for local business, colleges and universities; and more.

Entertainment. The LYGO family provides the resources and talent associated with:

  • Happyness Hours, an affiliate brand producing themed shows and happy hour events.
  • Last Resort Comedy, an affiliate brand producing open mics and comedy showcases.

Professional DC Comedy Shows

Last Resort Comedy

Comics who banded together and built a home at some of DC’s best venues for stand-up comedy.


DC Happyness Hours

Happyness Hours primary focus is providing one-of-a-kind, 60-90 minute live events for the fine folks of Washington, DC.

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